Saturday, 27 December 2014

A new start

I've been meaning to revive my blog for a while, and have made a couple of half-arsed attempts, but have decided to go down the route of making it a proper journal - that is, writing every day, even if it is only dull, pedestrian and, well, everyday stuff.

This is partly inspired by something Iszi Lawrence said on her latest Z List Dead List podcast - or, rather, something said by her guest, Irving Finkel, a man who has made it his mission to catalogue people's diaries as a resource for future generations. While I very much doubt anything I say will be a resource for anybody, I was very much taken with what Finkel pointed out as the vital difference between a diary and a blog; that the latter is, except in the case of certain statesmen, never intended for public consumption while that is the whole point of the latter. So I intend to write something every day, without concern that what I write has interest to anyone else, and I shall try to be as honest as possible. And, hopefully, the act of writing will re-engage that part of my brain that used to make me able to write, at last a little bit.

Here goes.

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